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Business Content

On "BtoB Platform" Infomart has established, we have developed various services to replace paper-based forms with electronic ones for the restaurant industry and back-office operations of all companies in general, contributing to improved operational efficiency of these two segments.


FOOD Business

Connect restaurants, wholesalers, and manufacturers enhancing operational efficiency through digitalization

Restaurants order food ingredients to suppliers everyday. If restaurants place orders using our BtoB Platform services, suppliers can confirm the orders and prepare delivery slips and invoices using the same service. Further, since these restaurants can accept delivery slips and invoices in electronic format, they can also manage these forms on the Platform. We intend to develop services that digitize various forms used in transactions between restaurants and suppliers with the goal of enhancing the operational efficiency of the restaurant industry as a whole.


ES Business

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of back-office operations involving invoices and contracts

Back-office operations involve the preparation, management, and storage of various forms, including invoices and contracts. Companies, in transactions involving the exchange of these forms, benefit from improved operational efficiency by using our BtoB Platform services. Companies that have adopted our services are freed from the complex tasks of dealing with forms in different formats and storing them, and by using the same service, parties involved in transactions can send and receive electronic forms in real time. In addition to developing services for digitizing various forms used in BtoB transactions, we have also developed a service for converting paper-based forms to electronic ones using AI-OCR.

Growth transition of BtoB platform

Graph of BtoB Platform Growth Transition ■ No.of user companies / ● Total distribution value
Graph of BtoB Platform Growth Transition

What’s BtoB Platform?

What’s BtoB Platform? What’s BtoB Platform?

”BtoB Platform” is the collective name for all services Infomart has developed and provided. BtoB Platform includes an extensive lineup of services designed to meet the needs of various industries and workplaces, including for restaurants and foodstuff suppliers and back-office operations of companies. The common theme for all BtoB Platform services is that parties involved in BtoB transactions use the same service to issue, manage, and store electronic forms. Companies that have adopted ”BtoB Platform” are freed from such complex tasks as dealing with forms in different formats or storing them, and can enhance their operational efficiency. Further, because they no longer have to use e-mail or other means of communication to send or receive the forms, they can easily manage the forms involved in purchase transactions. Accounts are issued to corporations and business divisions rather than to individuals, so even in case of personnel changes, such as managers, new managers can easily take over the account and continue managing the forms.

Number of companies using BtoB Platform

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Transaction amount on the BtoB Platform for FY2023

trillion yen

Benefits of using BtoB Platform


Receipt of documents online

Users can receive documents that were previously sent via various means, including post, fax, and e-mail, as digital data on the BtoB Platform.


Reduction in indirect costs

Using BtoB Platform can reduce postage, paper, and contract stamp costs. By eliminating various paper-based tasks, the Platform helps to reduce indirect costs.


Streamlining of document management

Digitized documents are automatically stored on the Platform. This eliminates the task of manually storing documents and facilitates document searches, speeding up operations.


Reduced risk of document losses or information leaks

Because data is managed on the Platform, there is less risk of losing printed documents or information leaks.


Compliance with the new invoicing system and the Electronic Books Preservation Act

BtoB Platform is compliant with the new invoicing system and the Electronic Books Preservation Act, so users can securely store and manage invoices, receipts, and other documents.


Collaboration with external services

Because invoices, receipts, and other documents are digitized, users can streamline data entry operations by linking the accurate, digitized data with an external accounting system or other services.